In the previous blog post we observed how Sara applied her GSSS and filtered out unwanted men. We learned that the slightest violation of her selection criteria could lead to her swiping left. Tinder allows both male and female users to apply their sexual selection criteria, because of this we see the sex with more negotiation power (female) apply more aggressive selection criteria. What this means is that because men are willing to sleep with more women and because their GSSS is to impregnate as many females as possible  – that they indeed have lower standards for female partners. The reason men will lower their standards is due to a compromise. This compromise states that a man has a different criteria for a women he chooses to commit to and one he uses for sex. Depending on the difficulty level the male perceives from the female in regards to courtship, the male will choose to change his goal from having a relationship to just having sex. Men when attempting to fill the criteria for a female they only want sex from will lower their standards. This compromise is what drives men to increase the number of women they swipe right on. Men are willing to play the numbers game and they just up the frequency of females they’re communicating with to get the desired outcome they want.

    emales who become accustomed to the male attention/affection surplus on Tinder develop an artificially inflated sense of self worth. Because females have the more valuable sexual reproduction material (eggs) they negotiate more aggressively to get a mate of higher sexual market value. The mistake here is confusing male attention with male commitment. Males on Tinder are playing the numbers game and are possibly talking to females that they are not interested in for long term relationships. Men have lower standards for women they’ll only sleep with than women they’ll commit to. Also the fact that women only date upward creates an inflated sexual market value for females on Tinder. Women are trying to get men who will only sleep with them to commit and men are sleeping with women they have no intention of starting a relationship with. This is one of the issues at the heart of extreme application of Gender Specific Sexual Strategies. Women are aggressively negotiating on Tinder by choosing only to communicate with what they perceive as the top percentage of men. What is the criteria for top percentage of men? Well we know from the previous blog post what things not to do, now we are going to cover what constitutes a good profile picture on Tinder. By understanding what makes a good profile we will understand the female specific sexual strategy.

    Things that will make your profile picture more appealing:

    1. Do have other females in your picture – The number one thing you can do on Tinder to increase your chances of getting right swiped is for your profile picture to have a female and yourself in it. During the experiment a pattern was identified that completely halted Sara whenever she looked at a profile picture. Whenever there was a profile picture with a man and a women in the frame Sara spent on average 15 seconds more looking at the profile. In the world of Tinder 15 seconds more is a huge time difference, note that on average 4 seconds is what is expected amount of time spent looking at a profile. When your profile picture includes you and a non-relative female who appears to be happy, smiling and comfortable around you – you are raising the right flags. To explain why this works lets examine the underlying thought processes at play. When a girl first sees your profile she’s first trying to determine if you’re a serial killer. The number one fear women have when it comes to online dating is meeting a serial killer. Before anything else she is looking for any indication that you are dangerous to her. Women rarely want to meet men that they get uncomfortable feelings from. And women rate the opinion of other women highly. So when a female sees you with another female, she is getting answers to questions. She knows that you’re a good enough guy to make that girl in your picture trust you and that you probably not a serial killer. But there’s a requirement for the amount of women in your profile picture. What we observed was the ideal amount of women to have in a profile picture with you is 1-3, anymore and you’re sending a different message. Also the women have to appear platonic in the picture, they can’t be giving you a cheek kiss. As long as those two criteria are met you’re taking full advantage of this Tinder cheat code.

    Figure #1:

    In figure 1 notice that Sara spends more time looking at the female face than she does looking at the male face. Before she hits the heart icon she looks back at the female face. Notice that she actually reads the profile, before in the profiles she rejected she wouldn’t even bother investing time to read the profile description. Strangely when asked how she felt about this profile she recalls “I feel like he’s really safe to be around – that he’s a good person. ” She was projecting what she perceived from what the female in the picture was experiencing.

    Figure #2:

    In figure 2 Sara again spends more time looking at the female faces than she does looking at the male face. The profile picture has two females in the picture with the male giving her double affirmation that the guy in the profile picture is rated highly by other females. Towards the end there is a slight swipe to view more pictures but she quickly decides she’s seen enough and gives this profile a like.

    Figure #3:

    In figure 3 we see the same pattern again. Girl in a picture with a guy and she’s smiling. She quickly gives this profile a like, meaning that she got all the information she needed about this guy with just one photo.

    2. Creating a sense of awe – If your picture can invoke a story you are going to get a lot of attention. Make your picture story worthy, you should be able to tell 2-3 stories from a single picture.

    Figure #4:

    Figure 4 is a really good example, this guy is on vacation having fun – the picture is a well done one showcasing his entire body and there are enough little details to make you want to know more.  And to top things off check out Sara looking at his crouch area – overall this picture left Sara feeling a sense of awe she wanted to get to know this person more.

    Figure #5:

    Figure 5 starts out with a picture that baits you in, you want to know more about this person this leads to viewing more of the profile. The backgrounds although cropped are showing just enough to leave you wanting to know more. We discuss this profile in more detail below in the section perfect profiles. There are some things done in this profile that need to be examined.

    3. Show case your physical attributes. Girls do check guys junk out in pictures, use this to your advantage and make them more prominent. You have to showcase your physical attributes subtly and indirectly.

    Figure #6:

    In figure 6 we’re revisiting this picture – notice how Sara is checking out his crouch area. One misconception is that females don’t check out sexual organs as much as men. They indeed notice them they will however deny noticing it.

    4. Show your affectionate side through animals. By showing affection to an animal you show a side of yourself that’s more sensitive, more vulnerable and this is the side of a man every women wants have an monopoly over. Nothing makes a women tingle quicker than a man showcasing his more sensitive side. When Sara saw pictures of men with animals she said that she felt like they’d make great boyfriends. She was projecting the affection she saw given to the animals onto a hypothetical future with the men in the pictures.
    Figure #7:

    In figure  7 she’s taking in a lot of information and becoming more infatuated with the profile owner as she starts to project feelings of affection. When you think about the amount affection and attention a dog receives and compare it to the affection and attention a women wants there is some overlap. Disclaimer – I’m not saying women want to be treated like dogs, instead what I’m saying is they want you to give at bare minimum the same amount of attention and affection you’d reserve for your dog.

    Figure #8:

    In figure 8 she glances quickly as she goes through his pictures, this profile was one that showcased a manly man – this picture showed a more affectionate side to this person that she really enjoyed seeing.

    5. Make it appear as if you’re looking into their eyes, this makes for a very personal connection. If you can create the illusion that all that matters is the person you’re looking at you’ll bypass a ton of conditional flags and get a direct interest generated in you. This illusion is similar to that in the Mona Lisa painting where the eyes appear to follow you. Having direct eye contact creates a sense of intimacy it creates a false sense of closeness, if you’re close to someone you perceive them better.

    Figure #9:

    In figure 9 you get the impression that the guy in the picture is looking directly at you and smiling at you as well. Although this isn’t true this creates an illusion in the mind of the person looking at the photo, they assume the person is making a direct connection with them and perceive them better as a result.

    Figure #10:

    In figure 10 the guy is looking directly at us, and he has an interesting expression that generates curiosity. He gets an instant approval without the need of any additional information, this is definitely a cheat code to Tinder that you should pay attention to.

    Figure #11:

    Figure #12:

    Figure 11 & 12 are of the same guy, here is a perfect example of this illusion without anything else present in the photo. Do you know why candle light dinners are popular for couples? The candles flicker causing your pupils to contract then expand this creates the false sense of arousal. When you are sexually aroused your pupils become enlarged. This guy is taking full advantage of this illusion by having light reflections appear on his pupil that make it appear as if its expanded, this creates a false sense of interest, intimacy and sexual arousal.

    6. If you have a talent, showcase it humbly – separate yourself from the pack. Talents are what make you unique they add onto your personality and make you stand out. Online dating is difficult because its very hard to standout from the endless sea of other people who might very well be very similar to you. How many people do you think are on Tinder with the same race,height, body type and attractiveness? When it comes to standing out and separating yourself from the pack a talent can be a tool used to give yourself an edge.

    Figure #13:

    In figure 13 we see a Musician on stage, the profile owner was perceived as a higher quality male after she learned he played an instrument. He went from a slight interest to someone she was actually considering meeting up with and the only difference was the discovery of his talent.

    7. Showcase how good you are with kids – this is an instant lady killer. As men we sometimes forget about showing a more sensitive side. A man’s affinity for infants has a positive effect on his overall attractiveness.
    Figure #14:

    In figure 14 we see Sara giving an instant like seeing a rugged man with a child was all she needed to know. She was highly aroused by seeing this male with a child.

    7. Showcase height advantages even if you’re short, take pictures to showcase height. In the online dating world females are unforgiving when it comes to height they rate men who are taller better than those who are shorter. So showcase height advantages whenever possible, even if you’re short take pictures where it creates the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are.
    Figure #15:

    In figure 15 we see a compound effect, first we see that she notices how tall he is in relation to all the girls in the picture. Then we see that there are indeed 3 other girls in the picture who are happy. He is showcasing both his height and high rating among females. He received an instant like as a result. Did you notice the other male in the far left? Yea Sara didn’t notice him either. The profile could have very well belonged to the shorter male on the far left. You should never have a profile picture that makes another male look better than you, if the picture does belong to the male on the far right it would have been better to crop out the tall male on the far right.

    8. Very rare everyone is attractive picture – in the previous blog post we talked about the mistake of having other men who are more attractive than you in your profile picture. The only time its a good idea to have other men with you in your profile picture is when you all have high sexual market value.
    Figure #16:

    In figure 16 we see three guys at a bar who are all attractive and smiling, we tend to perceive attractive people better this is called the halo effect.

    9. Uniforms – When you are apart of an organization that society respects, you by proxy get the same level of respect. Men in uniform such as military, police, firefighters are seen as having higher status because they are apart of something larger then themselves.
    Figure #17:

    In figure 17 notice at how Sara looks at the marine symbol on his uniform before she makes her decision. If you are apart of some organization that has good standing in society showcase it in your profile picture.

    10. Older Men, show status and power in your profile pictures. Become the silver fox. Older men who showcase status and wealth through profile pictures do really well with younger females.

    Figure #18:

    In figure 18 we see a older man notice how Sara barley looks at his face. Instead she looks for symbols of status and wealth, looking at his suit, setting and watch.

    Case examples of perfect profiles:

    Figure #19:
    1. First picture shows class, second picture starts a story, third picture showcases softer side with animal affection, fourth picture shows military affiliation, fifth picture shows goofy side and more animal affection. This profile was the top choice out of all the men Sara matched with. This guy handled his interactions with her really well, he waited 2 hours to send her a second message and it worked, dread game in action.

    Figure #20:

    2. High quality male, profile pictures allow for female mind to project onto and imagine. Has Tattoos but waits until second picture to introduce them subtlety, displays activeness and social life in third picture, plays on female mind with profile bio. This was the second highest rated profile for Sara.

    Figure #21:

    3. First picture creates a story, second picture he’s engaged in an activity more mysterious, fourth picture he is again involved in activity, notice anything yet? No direct eye contact in all his pictures the girl isn’t important to him yet. Then finally his last picture direct eye contact is made and a cute little girl is shown in the frame with him. As a result he gets an instant like – he built up his profile pictures very nicely. Leading Sara by giving her just enough information to want to go to the next picture. This is what I’d consider profile picture click baiting.

    Figure #22:

    4. First picture tells a story, its engaging. Second picture shows how good he is with kids and his connection to family and tradition, third picture showcases status and power, fourth picture introduces a female in a frame with him.

    As we’ve seen in this blog post, there are many factors influencing selection criteria for mate selection on Tinder. Hopefully you learned a few tricks you can employ now that will help you get more attention on Tinder.

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