Match and Eharmony are mostly used in anglo-speaking countries, with far less users outside. In this article, we will compare them by their features, so you can find which one fits the best for you. In the end, you'll find a summary of their pros and cons. Let's start.


Match has 9.9 million users ranking 50th on Apple Store's social network apps. eHarmony has 10 million active users and ranks 123rd on Apple Store's social network category.

On the Google Play Store, Match has more than 10 million downloads, and eHarmony downloads number ascends to 5 million.


Match and eHarmony are pretty different in many aspects. eHarmony's sign-up process is long. You can answer questions for thirty minutes. Also, some of them are strange. For example, there is one that asks you if you think PMS is an illusion.

In contrast, Match app's sign-up process is quick, it only takes a few minutes.


In contrast to other dating apps, Match and eHarmony have comparatively older users. For example, Match's average of users' age starts on 24. eHarmony is mostly for people in their thirties and fourties.


The search system is an interesting point of comparison. On eHarmony, you answer a ton of questions. After that, you don't have much to do but liking.

Match is more up to you; in eHarmony you rely on the algorithm. If you want something quick, pick Match. If you prefer something deeper, eHarmony is the best option for you.


Match and eHarmony are free, but their free versions diminish the users' dating experience. Some people think this is a negative side, but people who spend money on dating apps are generally serious about love because they're investing in their love life.

Match's basic three-month membership costs 21.99$ per month, and its premium version starts at 24.99$ per month.

eHarmony only offers you three paid plans, starting with 17.90$ per month in a six-month subscription. So, in this category, eHarmony wins because it's cheaper than Match.


If you are tired of messing around, and you want to settle down, both services are the right spot to find someone like-minded. Since eHarmony and Match are mostly paid services, they have more people who want a serious relationship.

Match's effectiveness is beyond proven. Each day 438 people marry in the US because of Match. What about eHarmony? Well, according to their developers, over 2 million people have found love using it.


Both Match and Eharmony are mostly used in anglo-speaking countries. Eharmony seems to be particularly popular in the US compared to Match, while the former has a more distributed user-base.


Match has a personalized assessment for their paid users. In this app, you can request a call from one of Match's dating experts. One of them can check your profile and gives you tips on how to improve it. Also, premium members can see all the videos they offer to help you find a couple.

On the other hand, eHarmony has a unique matchmaking system that focuses on helping its users find their lifetime couple.

This matchmaking algorithm is marvelous because it learns from the user, the answers to its quiz, and the way the users interact with others in the app. The more you use it, the better matches you'll get.




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