Today we'll show you the positives and negatives of Hinge and Tinder by their features. At the bottom, you'll see a summary too. Let's start.


If we compare these two apps in their popularity levels, Tinder is WAY more popular, with millions of active users each day. Hinge is way behind, but it's true that it's been released recentry.

The amount of active users is relevant because it guarantees you will find many different people. If you want to date someone who lives nearby, you're better off using Tinder.


Both apps have easy profile building processes that take you very little time. Although there are some differences between them. Hinge has a simple interface; your profile will show your answers to yes/no questions, like: "do you smoke?", "do you drink alcohol?", "do you usually go to concerts or parties?" etc.

Also on Hinge, you can talk about social causes you care about. Tinder doesn't have such an option and it offers more superficial ways to fill your profile.


Since Tinder was released, its swiping method has taken the lead on match mechanics. If you like someone and that someone likes you, you two will be able to start a conversation. Tinder's free version does not let you see who liked your posts but Hinge does. So that's another way to start a conversation: someone sees your profile, likes the first pic and then you write to him.


In Tinder, you only can swipe 200 times a day, in Hinge you have a limit of likes too. Both let you swipe and like as many times as you want if you pay for a restriction-free version. In a certain way, this is a bad side but it helps you think better about who you're going to give your attention to.


For some years now, Tinder has mostly been a hookup app. You can find people who want a long term relationship but it's not your best option if you're looking for one. Unlike Tinder, Hinge is based on the idea that you'll find your life couple, that's why its slogan is "The dating app designed to be deleted".

Tinder is used by all kinds of people, from a primary schoolboy to someone that could be your dad. From single ones to your friend's spouse.


One of the most interesting points of comparison between them is chatting. Tinder has the classic match architecture, once you match with someone the chat just opens instantly and you decide when to talk. The Hinge has created a system of notifications called "Your turn" that notifies you when it's your time to reply to a message.

So that's a positive side of Hinge because it avoids ghosting, but Tinder's chat system works fine as well.


Whichever dating app you try, you'll always find validation seekers. People online that only want to satisfy their ego by casually flirting with someone over the phone. That is a negative point for both of them, so remember to be careful.


All the dating apps have Catfishing. It doesn't matter if the app doesn't let you register if you don't upload a photo; the catfish will just upload a fake one. So you cannot be sure about whom you're talking to.

Besides, you need to know that Tinder has a bigger amount of bots.


If you usually have a busy day, you'd be glad to know which app will take more of your precious time. In this characteristic, Hinge has another thumb up because it takes less of your time.

Although the two of them have like/dislike method, in Hinge you've got the option of accepting or rejecting just the ones that have liked you first.




Note: These characteristics are general features of each app, and do not represent each user's behavior.

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