During this article, we will compare Hinge and Bumble by their features. In the end, you'll find a summary that will help you to decide which one to pick.

Amount of users

Bumble has 22 million users, which makes it one of the best options to find all kinds of people. Hinge also does its part with 9.9 million active users, according to the last report.

It's better for you if the dating app has many users because it makes it unlikely to find the same person over and over again. Also, if you don't live in the US or live in a small town, a popular app will make it easier to find someone nearby.

User approaches

Bumble and Hinge are dating apps, so both have a large number of users looking for a couple. Nevertheless, Bumble offers its users chances to make some friends and to find some work colleagues.

Bumble Business

This exclusive feature of Bumble allows its users to upload a photo as identifier of their job. For example, if you sell caps, you upload a photo of a cap, write as caption: "I work selling caps in Downtown." then someone will text, and you two can talk about business. Who knows? Maybe something could come out of there.

A Lifetime couple

Hinge is geared towards creating long term relationships, as you can tell by its slogan: "The app designed to be deleted" so that is proof of their agreement with marriage. Bumble also has the same purpose; new researches say women feel more comfortable using Bumble to find their final couple than any other dating app.


Statistics show that 80% of Bumble matches end on a first date, but Hinge claims that it has 90% of people who enjoyed their first date, 72% of them wanted to go on a second one.

Bumble girl first message

In straight matches, Bumble always lets the girl decide. This feature is a disadvantage if you're a guy who wants to take the first step.

It also creates other problems, as some female users have reported their matches were rare and had awkward behaviors during the first date.


Subscription matters when establishing differences between these apps. Bumble has four subscription options; one of them offers you a lifetime membership for 149.99$. In Hinge, you have three memberships' options with a maximum of six months for 59.99$.

Anyway, you can use both of them with limited likes (Hinge) and swipes (Bumble). Bumble has a system of coins you can use to spotlight and to direct more people to your profile.

Which one takes more time?

On Hinge, you'll be able to accept or reject people who have liked you first, so that saves a lot of time. On the other side, if you're a guy using Bumble, you spend very little time after you sign up.

Avoid Ghosting

One of the most common dating apps' problems is ghosting, and these two apps have designed the "Your turn" and 24-hour systems to fight it. On Bumble, once you send a message, the other person only has 24 hours to respond. If they don't, the match will be deleted forever.

Hinge's "Your turn" system does something similar, reminding both parties to answer. So, they both get our like here.

Social network vinculation

In this aspect, Bumble is great because it allows its users to link their Instagram profiles. Hinge doesn't let the users upload their Instagram, Snapchat, or Spotify profiles. Hence, if you pick Hinge, you'll have to publish it in your bio.

Pros and Cons



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