Tired of walltexts that don't go straight to the point? Here's everything you have to know about dating apps, cutting out all the fat.

    Should I trust you?

    I'm an average-looking engineer from Spain that travels the world because of his job. I'm the definition of the average Joe, to be honest. I have no special quirk, I'm not rich, and I have never been especially successful with women. I like to meet local people and date girls in my spare time.

    Is there any value in paying for apps? Or is it better to use free ones?

    Women tend to use these sites for validation and attention-seeking. Paying allows you to filter-out these people more effectively, so you don't waste your time.

    There is some overlap between the free and paid users, but engagement and attitude differ a lot. In free dating sites, females deal with a huge amount of incoming messages, so your chance of effective interaction is affected by all that noise. There's no such thing in paid dating sites, so they perceive it as a cleaner experience, and that's also good for you.

    If you are looking for long-term relationships, then paying sites are also more aimed at you. Females are more oriented to this goal, and a woman who pay are seeking people that aren't playing around.

    Last but not least, paying means less competition overall. Most people are not willing to pay, but there's a surprising number of females who do, and most paying sites have discounts and short-period trials.

    Upsides and downsides of each type of dating site

    Free dating sites
    Upsides: More hookup-oriented, good for your pocket.
    Downsides: Losing time/effort with attention and validation seekers, too much competition.
    Paid dating sites
    Upsides: More long-term relationships oriented, way lower competition.
    Downsides: Goes against your pocket, there may be some pool overlap with free apps.

    What about other dating apps?

    Any dating app left out met one or more of the following criteria:

    If you believe your app is good enough and I should try it, contact me Here.